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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Volume 11, Issue 47, November 26


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November 26, 2013
Volume 11, Issue 47

This Week's Featured Story:
Microsoft Office Tutorials: 2007-2013


Lesson Plans
Professional Development
Education Headlines

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Lesson Plans

Timely and Practical Lesson Ideas

Writing a Good Resume: Student Exercise
Grade 9-12 students critique and practice writing resumes.

Thanksgiving Feast (Read the Charts)
Grade 3-8 students read a chart to learn more about where the foods in their family's Thanksgiving feast were grown.

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights
Read aloud a simple telling of the Hanukkah story and follow up with across-the-curriculum activities.

Every-Day Edit: LeBron James
This student editing activity celebrates one of the world's best basketball players.

Site Review: Classmint
Classmint allows anyone to create interactive, audible, annotatable and beautiful study notes.

Celebrate Winter
Find more than a dozen classroom activities for celebrating the Solstice (Dec. 21).

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This Week’s Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plan

Why Polar Bears Are White
Grade K-2 students learn how color can help animals in the wild.

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This Week’s Early Childhood Resource

Sharing Dreidels
Celebrate Hannukah with these tasty treats.

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Professional Development


Photo Gallery: Drug Prevention Dos and Don’ts
Avoid some of the pitfalls of drug prevention with this handy gallery.

A Gifted Teacher’s Reasons to Be Thankful
An educator offers six reasons to be thankful in your profession.

Effort: The Ultimate Gift of a President
Following the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, ask students to reflect on his, and other presidents’, legacies.

Designer Homework
Kids say this technique allows them to be creative and teaches them responsibility. 

Site Review: National School Climate Center
Here’s everything you need to plan your school, district’s or state’s climate improvement efforts.

Including Wyatt
A boy with cerebral palsy became a participating--and respected--member of the classroom community.

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Highlighted Columnist

Cathy Puett Miller: Understanding and Teaching Revision
Revision is the second most important part of writing (after the idea).

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Microsoft Office Tutorials: 2007-2013
These handy tutorials help pre-service and in-service teachers learn the suite of applications included in Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013.

iPad App Review: 3D Brain
Here's a comprehensive, digital model of the human brain, complete with scientific information detailing its parts and their functions.

Apple Offers Free ‘Field Trips’ for Students and Teachers
Apple is aiming to make learning new tech a little easier.

See Hand-Written Gettysburg Address
Google, via its official blog, is making all five hand-written copies of Lincoln’s famous speech available to everyone.

Internet Scavenger Hunt: The Boston Tea Party
Teach about this historic event, commemorated on Dec. 16.



Unbelievable School Decisions: Banner Deemed Racist
An Alabama high school hung a controversial football banner that some deemed offensive to Native Americans.

Principals Launch School-Wide Wellness Programs
Principals share curriculum-integrated ideas for fitness, health and nutrition awareness.

Promoting Unity Among Different Staff Groups
Teachers aren’t the only ones who contribute to making our school a great place.

Hands-On Reform Leads to Big Student Gains
Read about one school’s effort to revamp instruction, assessment and the curriculum.

Making Decisions: Stoplight Cards and Thumbs Up
These methods are good when you need to move quickly through a decision-making process.

Math Games Can Target Key Instruction Areas
Use games to differentiate instruction and reinforce skills that students need to tackle higher math.

Education Headlines

Heat Builds for School District Smoking Ban
When Nicole Keith first noticed adults smoking outside her child's school, she figured that they were flouting the rules. Then she learned that there is no smoking ban for adults on the grounds of Wayne Township schools.

Advice for LI Districts Wrestling with School Closures
Educators and parents in districts that have closed schools in recent years have this advice for their counterparts in Half Hollow Hills facing the same situation: Efficient and thoughtful transition, openness from district leaders, and empathy for those struggling with the changes are essential.

Mount Greylock Grapples with 'High School' Moniker
The School Committee is grappling with what to call it: Though it's often referred to as Mount Greylock Regional High School, it serves seventh- and eighth-graders, too.

How a School Where 91 Percent of Kids had Been Suspended for Fights Stopped the Violence
Students at George Washington Carver Academy in the past have acted out with violence. Last year 91 percent of the students had been suspended after getting in fights.

Texans Warned of Private High Schools Peddling Useless Diplomas
Literacy advocates say there's a burgeoning market of groups that claim to be private accredited schools peddling useless high school diplomas.

Kids Pay The Price In Fight Over Fixing Philadelphia Schools
Sharron Snyder and Othella Stanback, both seniors at Philadelphia's Benjamin Franklin High, will be the first in their families to graduate from high school. This, their final year, was supposed to be memorable. Instead, these teenagers say they feel cheated.

Missouri High School Under Fire for Teacher-Led Prayer Sessions
A Missouri school district has vowed to "vigorously defend" itself after a secular organization announced it had filed a lawsuit to prevent alleged teacher-sponsored school prayer sessions in high school classrooms.

Arizona High School Student Suspended After Fight Over Confederate Flag
An Arizona teenager is protesting his school's decision to punish him after getting into a fight with another student over a Confederate flag displayed on his truck.

Other Items of Interest

Community Discussion of the Week

Administrator Survey: Realities of Technology in the Classroom

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