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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Engage students with personalized, standards-aligned content


Increase engagement with the right resources at the right time

To make an impact with digital resources, you need a solution that connects the new way of learning to the instructional cycle.

The INFORM Learning System integrates with your LMS or SIS to make it easy to:

  • Quickly select engaging, standards-aligned resources from a comprehensive collection of curated content
  • Use standards-aligned formative assessments to measure learning
  • See progress reports that show what students need, at a glance
  • Group students to address learning needs

Our curated collection of more than 500,000 free digital resources has been aligned to standards by subject matter experts - the same subject matter experts who use our patented technology to align textbooks for more than 200 educational publishers.

You can quickly access resource recommendations or use a sophisticated search tool to search by content, standards and more. You can access third-party content as well as sharing district and teacher content.

This year, interactive learning maps will be added to INFORM to engage students in exploring life's possibilities and creating their own learning paths. Learn more in our video.

Journeys will work like Google Maps, but for navigating the path to learning destinations. The maps will be created from vast databases that are organized by our ground-breaking approach to learning concepts and career exploration.

INFORM was developed with more than 20 years of feedback from educators, always keeping the focus on student outcomes.



It's easy to search for grade-specific resources and filter for videos, interactive exercises, assessment questions and more.



Learn more about how easy it is to engage students and improve outcomes..

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San Diego, California 92123


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