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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Do please reply to this e-mail address:abdoulsalif555@outlook.com


Dear Sir,

I am Abdoul Salif, the account officer to the late Dr. Ravindra F. Shah who died together with his wife Dr. Mrs. Manjula Parikh-Shah in a plane crash on the 1st Oct. 2003 on their way to attending a wedding in Boston. Dr. Ravindra F. Shah was an American, a physician and an industrialist. He unfortunately died without having any heir to his assets nor leaving any trace to his relatives.

He had confided to me of his interest to open a company here in Burkina Faso with the funds deposited here but never came back after the deposit made in the year 2000 as he died in 2003. The amount involved is Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand USD ($10,500,000.00). No other person knows about this and I am contacting you for us to transfer this funds to your account as the heir and hence beneficiary to the fund. I have and will furnish you with all necessary details the bank may need.

I contacted you because the bank will only believe and honour you with the fund knowing that our late customer was also a foreigner like you but would definitely not work or believe a local person from here.

I want to assure you that this is risk free and note that I am doing this because the bank here will only claim the funds if we don't act now and receive the funds.

This is a mutual deal that we both stand to benefit so much from.

All I need is your utmost trust, confidence and sincerity.

You also have to guarantee me that I will receive my share after the transfer.

Do reply urgently so that I give you necessary details as to how to go about it.


Abdoul Salif

Do please reply to this e-mail address:abdoulsalif555@outlook.com


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