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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Volume 11, Issue 50, December 17


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December 17, 2013
Volume 11, Issue 50

This Week's Featured Story:
2013: The Year in Ed Tech


Lesson Plans
Professional Development
Education Headlines

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Lesson Plans

Timely and Practical Lesson Ideas

Best of 2013: 20 Favorite Lessons
Check out our favorite EducationWorld lessons posted this year. Social studies, science, language arts and more!

Best Podcasts: English Language Arts
Explore great teaching aids for K-12 English/language arts educators.

Top 10 Videos: EducationWorld Community
Check out these top picks for inspiring and entertaining videos on our educator Community.

Christmas Around the World
Access activities and Web sites that explore diverse Christmas celebrations.

Emphasize Giving, Not Getting
Ten classroom activities focus on doing good things for other people.

December Holidays: A Comparison Chart
Grade 3-12 students create a chart comparing Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas and Ramadan.

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This Week’s Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plan

Santa Claus and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion
Grade 3-8 students decide which of Newton’s Three Laws of Motion applies to each of three Santa scenarios.

See more Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plans.

This Week’s Early Childhood Resource

A Gift of Thoughtfulness
Help children think of services they could provide for others during the holiday season.

See more Early Childhood Activities.

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Professional Development


Best 2013 PD Articles: 25 Must-Reads
Catch up on your reading and learn something new over the winter break!

Mandela's Legacy: Educational Equity
An expert describes South Africa's progress toward providing quality education for all children in the post-apartheid country.

2013: The Year in Education
EducationWorld offers a look back at the biggest issues of interest to educators this past year.

Celebrate the 100th Day in 100 Ways
Get lots of great ideas for celebrating the 100th day of school.

Start a Classroom Holiday Tradition
Here’s a great idea for a Christmas-tree alternative.

December Holidays: Multicultural Dilemma?
As school populations grow increasingly diverse, emphasize holiday education instead of celebration.

To access more great content, check out our Professional Development Archive and our Professional Development Channel Page.

Highlighted Columnist

Dr. Ken Shore: The Hallway
Behavior problems often occur when students walk through the halls. Get eight tips for keeping order.

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2013: The Year in Ed Tech
As we wind down 2013, EducationWorld takes a look back at favorite ed tech articles posted this year.

Help Kids Organize and Write Ideas: 8 Tech Tools
These mobile and online tools can inspire students to become better and more efficient writers.

Dell Targets Schools With Chromebook
The laptop offers an affordable option for one-to-one computing initiatives.

Sites to See: Art History
Games, activities and resources offer unique ways of thinking about art through the ages.

Gadget of the Week: Bubble Comment
With a webcam, a microphone and a few clicks, add a narration bubble to any Web page.



Online Chatter: Banning Christmas in School?
Many have strong opinions about how public schools should handle Christmas in the classroom.

Ask Dr. Lynch: Data Guides School Reform
Dr. Lynch examines best practices for implementing school reform strategies.

The Greatest Thing About My School Is
All principals should be prepared to spread good news about their schools. We asked a few to do just that.

How I Handled: A Parent Who “Snuck” Into School to Observe a Teacher
Our policy requires parent appointments to observe teachers, but that didn’t happen.

ABC Book of the Principal’s Job
Future principals should add this brand new “book” to their required reading lists.

Running a Great Parent Volunteer Program
A former teacher offers instructions, tips, ideas and forms for creating a successful parent volunteer program.

Education Headlines

In Minnesota, Race Drives School Labels, Discipline
The little yellow buses line up every morning outside Harrison Education Center in north Minneapolis, discharging dozens of teenagers to a high school no parents choose for their child.

More Lenient Rules on Head Lice Have Some Schools Jumpy
For years, school nurse Deborah Pontius came to work with nits to pick. On some days in this isolated central Nevada town, she'd actually sift through the hair of students found with live head lice.

More Local Schools Open School-Based Health Centers
Merrillville and Hobart high schools are the latest schools to join the trend of school-based health clinics.

Panel to Consider Ohio School Innovation Grants
A state legislative panel is preparing to vote on the first round of education innovation grants through Ohio's new Straight A Fund.

How School Staffing Turnover Impacts Students, Families
Some recent reporting from The Lens and other outlets have highlighted a rapid rate of turnover in New Orleans school staffing. It's a trend seen in the ranks of teachers and school administrators, and not just in New Orleans.

Still Relevant: 3 School Library Systems Doing it Right
Despite many K-12 libraries finding themselves on the chopping block in the budget cuts of recent years, I believe this aspect of student learning is essential for academic and real-world success. Librarians, information associates, media center specialists - call them what you want, but these professionals are just as important to student success as homeroom teachers and administrators.

Houston School Board Votes to Ban 'Offensive' Mascots
The Houston school district board has given preliminary approval to a new policy that would prohibit offensive or culturally insensitive mascots.

High School Student Suspended For One Year After Hugging Teacher
The simple act of hugging a teacher got one high school student in Duluth, Ga., suspended last month, WECT reports.

Other Items of Interest

Community Discussion of the Week

Share a holiday tradition you have started with your class.

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